Creative Wick has selected experimental and curious minds in video & film to show for the launch night of Hackney Bridge. These three short videos deliver an exciting mix of visuals from social commentary to humorous, striking animation. 

Die For Me Baby - 2020

Tamara Al Mashouk is a London based queer Arab artist, curator, and activist.
The work explores the complex relationship between an I and you - a speaker
and a public, a body and it’s society.
Fine Art and Shopping – 2017

Samia Malik is an artist and designer. who makes abstract animated visuals on social activism. 
A commentary and comparisons of oppressive structures from: the secret services, racism, colonisation with fashion and fine art.  
Jesse J Its Story time  – 2014

Gabs Range is a Hackney raised animator and designer.
Animation chronicling Jessie J’s tattoo mishap.

Tamara Al Mashouk' Die For me Baby screened at Hackney Bridge