What We Do

Creative Wick offers a range of initiatives and projects designed to support the local creative community and provide meaningful employment opportunities to all. 

Our work is focused on

Network & communication - Research & education - Commercial opportunities


Creative Wick is always looking to promote local talent and with its extensive network, experience of running commercial galleries, curating exhibitions and leasing artwork. We would be delighted to facilitate commercial opportunities for emerging and established artists and curators.

Creative Education

Creative Wick provides young people with opportunities to develop their creative talent through its film and music education projects whilst also providing paid mentoring opportunities for professional creative practitioners.


CIG supports the local creative economy by encouraging mutually beneficial relationships between creative practitioners, residents, businesses, the public sector, the 3rd sector, academic, cultural and creative institutes and the development sector.

     Living Lab

The Living Lab is a collaborative endeavour that brings together local higher education institutions, the development sector, businesses, brands and community stakeholders to engage in research projects and experiments that explore how social and creative enterprise can build sustainable communities.


Enjoy the Hackney Wick and Fish Island cultural experience with a knowledgeable, local tour guide.
From the industrial revolution and the creative takeover of an underused industrial estate to London’s most authentic, creative neighbourhood today, Hackney Wick and Fish Island provides a unique tour experience in regeneration and creative placemaking. 
Please contact hello@creativewick.com for more information


Creative Wick host events to support a sustainable creative economy in Hackney Wick and Fish Island now a Creative Enterprise Zone. Bringing people together provides opportunity for growth and connection.