The Creative Wick Music Incubator is a programme for young people to benefit from mentorship by industry professionals to create their own music track and perform a live show.







Our mentor programme was directed by Rudi Falla, leading skilled and passionate mentors from different recording studios; Urchin Studios, Big Limbo, Soulitude and The Inscape.

The promising music talents on the 2023 Music Incubator were Hallie, Giuli, Kaine, Nana, Timur, T’quarn and Tomzy who came from various backgrounds and technical experience all possessing an enthusiasm to learn from our passionate mentors from the Hackney Wick & Fish Island area.

Mentor sessions were over eight weeks for them to experience hands on guidance and invaluable information covering many aspects of making music and the industry to gain tools in developing their craft in and outside of the local HWFI recording studios.

Special guest speakers and musicians were invited to during programme to connect with the students during the mentor sessions.

In less than a couple of months the young musicians developed through skills and confidence with a stand out performance at our live showcase in Studio 9294.

Our short film about the Music Incubator was made by 2021 Film School Alumni Justine Franco-Okedigun.

Portrait photography shot by Alex Waespi.  

Live showcase photos by Ahmad El Mad. 

You can listen to music tracks on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels.

Live Showcase photos: Ahmad El Mad