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Housing Creative Practitioners and Young People in East London

The Hackney Wick and Fish Island creative community is diverse with the potential for permanence. This report focusses on the Hackney Wick and Fish Island (HWFI) and wider East London area but highlights issues which extend well beyond London and the UK. By examining community-led responses to housing issues it highlights global themes of housing affordability, lack of housing supply, gentrification and displacement and changing demand patterns for living and working in the post Covid and digital-age city.


Read the report here: Creative Wick Living Lab Community Led Housing research report FINAL April 2022

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HWFI Tour | Municipality of Syddjurs, Denmark

In December 2015, Creative Wick delivered a tour for representatives of the municipality of Syddjurs in Denmark who were interested in learning from Hackney Wick’s experience of culture and creative-led regeneration.  
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HWFI Tour | The Seoul Governor’s Club

In January 2016, Creative Wick delivered a HWFI Tour to 31 South Korean visitors from The Seoul Governor’s Club interested in examples of Hackney Wick’s culture-led urban regeneration.
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