In November, we partnered with Tradestars to commission local artists, with strong connections to HWFI, to create permanent artworks on the walls inside their new co-warehousing buildings located in Fish Island, giving formerly blank walls a distinctive mark to express the unique energy of this space.

The Artists:

Burrito (@burritoconluces_tattoo)

I am Burrito, an artist from Madrid, based in Hackney Wick.The grey monotony of life has inspired me to make it a playground. In a world of suits and schedules, my art invites everyone to rediscover the world of fun and colour – one spray at a time

CEPT (@cept_trp)

Graffiti is a massive part of me, it is who I am, how I grew up and the friends I’ve made. I get a lot of satisfaction painting graffiti, it’s instant, in your face, burners all over the place, the whole action of painting a huge piece – it can’t be beaten. It’s a feeling like nothing else


cos.mona.ut (@cos.mona.ut)

Co-founder of Repot – a plant shop and art space in Hackney Wick – Mona combines her passion for art and nature. Living in Hackney Wick for over 6 years, she has formed a strong bond with the area and its community and tries to contribute to its vibrant culture.

.EPOD (@epod3000)

From a layered concrete tower in a greater London council estate, a young .EPOD soaked up 1980s TV Sci-Fi and Boom-BoxHi-Fi. The worlds of Ralph McQuarrie and Syd Mead drew his eye, while Melle Mel and Mantronix had his ear. His forms ooze luxury, shimmering reflections of allure that while his own wink back at traditions within urban art and visions of the future.


SNATCH (@iamfakeblood)

Snatch is a London graffiti artist, and member of The Others and PFB crews. As a DJ and music producer he is also known as FakeBlood.


Squarms (@_squarms)

Squarms is an illustration artist and designer with interest in the mind and creation as an outlet. Their paintings are a window into a world where the characters explore emotions in everyday scenarios.


Teddy Baden (@teddybaden)

The relationship between dogs and humans is unique. There are perhaps few inter-species friendships so epic and transforming, spanning some 15,000 years, enduring the vagaries of history and the rise and fall of countless societies, shaping each turn.



VANE MG’s work is characterised by bright and neon colours and includes her Heart Eyes, elements of her Latin American roots, fun elements of her Toy Design experience and her characteristic, realistic female portraits full of hearts and London vibrations. Her objective is to attempt to reclaim elements of the cultural past, integrating it with her present


All photos: © Matthew Booth

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