Hoardings Mural Project – February 2022

There is 90 metres of  hoarding panelling along the walkway between Hackney Wick train station and Wallis Road. This pathway cuts through the Stone Studios development by Telford Homes.

In February 2022  Telford Homes commissioned Creative Wick to produce a mural event to create artwork to feature on the hoardings. The artists murals told a story of the history of the site.

Stone Studios is built on the site of a family-run architectural metalwork business, first set up by Solomon Spegelstein back in 1923. Solomon’s company is still going strong today, in the capable hands of his great-grandson James Stone. But while the original factory has passed into history, the spirit of the Stone Brothers lives on. They used to lease unused space to around 100 artists, creating affordable studios for the new generation of makers and crafters – this project follows in these footsteps.

The mural project engaged seven artists that either lived, worked or had strong connections to Hackney Wick and Fish Island.

  1. @cos.mona.ut
  2. @gyallrini
  3. @zaki_dee
  4. @iamfakeblood
  5. @Epod3000
  6. @demi.fh
  7. @_squarms

To view the video of the event see our YouTube channel.

See the article on the Hackney Citizen and the Telford Homes blog.


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